Discipline. It’s Worth It

Disciplinar a Sua Pena

(Discipline: It’s Worth It)

by: Cindy Cobos

Every four years the world comes to an almost dead stop. Songs are created, fields and stadiums are built, and a whole country prepares for one of the world’s biggest, most competitive seasons: the World Cup. It’s finally here, front line and center.

So much pride, so much heart, so much excitement, so much anxiety–and, for some, so much pain. We all watch with such intense focus. Will my team or my country score the first goal, gather the most points, or move on to the next round?

I just love how there are people all around the world united and standing behind their team’s beautiful flag. For those ninety minutes, no phone calls please, no texting allowed, and don’t you make the mistake of posting a bad comment about my team because you will instantly get a reply (and I’m sure it won’t be so nice!).

For me, watching and enjoying this World Cup is very different than what it was four or even eight years ago. I have a profound and amazing respect for each and every team and country. Obviously I am rooting for my favorites (Ecuador and USA).

But all the teams have one thing in common that gets them to where they are. This is summed up in one word: discipline. I do know that other things come into play, but discipline is what turns a good player into a pro.

Discipline is the name of the game, whether in sports, in business, in physical fitness, or anything else. What I mean is that talent is just not enough; there are even books written on that. I can’t help but chuckle when I hear people speak about the “off” season or about how they got so lucky. The reality is that to an athlete or an entrepreneur or the men and women on a mission there is no “off” season, and there is no such thing as luck. There is only a “working on improving your craft” season–and it is year-round.

But what does that truly mean? It means every day is a time to work on an area of weakness, build on a strength, get faster for sports if you’re an athlete, become a better closer in sales, improve your marketing skills in business, or self-develop if you’re an entrepreneur.

Now if you’re not an athlete or an entrepreneur, how does this apply at all to you? Well, most people go through life wondering why they don’t have the cars, the homes, the savings, and the luxury of traveling all around the world with those they love the most. They fill their news feeds with slogans like “Happy Hump Day” or the famous “TGIF” (I know we all know what those two mean). They want the six pack without showing up to the gym or even worse without eating right.

I remember hearing once that you work on your summer body during the winter. What I’m trying to say is that getting those big dreams in life comes with a sacrifice. A price needs to be paid upfront and in full. Big dreams mean pushing the envelope, stepping out of your comfort zone, waking up early, staying up late, and sweating it out at the gym. It all requires hard work and discipline.

With a quick-sprint attitude you can only get so fary. You get tired more quickly, if you have a short-term dream vs a long-term dream. You could possibly miss it. So ask yourself this: What kind of mentality do you have? Is it one of long-term thinking? Or short-term pleasures?

We need to learn that when we go through the ups and downs of life and business or the growing pains of sports that it is just part of the process. Don’t get frustrated and give up. Just work on it during the “off” season and become better each day. Work on your biggest muscle–that of DISCIPLINE–because the best things in life don’t come easy, just like winning the World Cup doesn’t come easy.

 So for the next few weeks I will continue to sit on the edge of my seat when my teams of choice are ready to play, but I will also cheer and show love and respect for the opposing team because I have an understanding of what it took to get there.

Now lets enjoy the Zamba, the breathtaking views, and  the incredible goals and moves. This World Cup in Brazil has been amazing. Let’s keep cheering, dancing, singing, screaming, and I’m sure even crying together. After all, it’s not every day that we get to watch the best soccer teams and players from around the world face each other.

Pode a melhor vitória da equipe!!!

“We owe it to ourselves and those we love to be disciplined throughout our life.” –Jim Rohn  


Cindy Cobos is a Senior Marketing Director with PHP Agency, People helping People out of Palmdale, CA. For more information please visit www.phpdream.com or call 877.788.4366


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